Is It Time to Give Your Team Building Activities an Update?

Not Your Average Icebreaker

Skip the icebreakers, and try an immersive team building activity, like an improv class.

Better team building will occur when employees are immersed in an unfamiliar activity that pulls them out of their comfort zones. Improvisation forces teammates to listen to each other and rely on each other in a way they may not have before.

Think Outside of the Bar

Rather than another after-hours trip to bar (which may exclude employees with commitments outside of work), bond out of the office during working hours with a volunteer project in the great outdoors.

Volunteering still gives everyone a much-appreciated change of scenery and the chance for one-on-one conversation, while sharing a common purpose and working toward a collective goal.
Make tasty drinks part of the experience when you provide a cooler of refreshments from ReadyRefreshSM at your volunteer site.

Let There Be Lunch

While it may seem like an unlikely work activity, preparing lunch together creates a natural team building environment as team members will have to learn how to plan and coordinate as a group.

One study found that sharing meals together provided a level of intimacy not found in other activities—making it the perfect activity to consistently build meaningful bonds among teams2.
Just make sure that at every meal, one team is responsible for the creating the meal’s official “mocktail” combining fresh fruits, seasonal flavors and flavored sparkling waters from ReadyRefreshSM

Plan an Escape

Head to a local park or café to breathe new life into meetings and brainstorms, especially ones scheduled toward the end of the day. Don't forget the snacks!

A day out of the office can be a nice change of routine that will infuse new energy into the workplace in a way that sitting around a conference room table cannot. Plus, working toward a common goal can help build problem-solving skills among teammates.

Open the Floor

Instead of mandatory staff meetings during which management speaks to employees, try letting employees be part of the dialogue with quarterly open forums.

An MIT Economics study found that employees performed better when they felt their employers were ethical and trustworthy3. Open, honest conversation, even about the tough stuff, can facilitate trust and create a culture of collaboration, which all teams need to succeed.

Go the Extra Mile

Choose activities that reflect the values of the staff. Consider running (or walking) as a team for a cause that is important to one of your employees

Remember: active team building activities need refreshments! Make sure you’ve stocked up on healthy snacks and a variety of waters from ReadyRefreshSM

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“Team building activities” have gotten a bad rap. The phrase has become something of an overused buzzword that conjures up memories of doing trust falls in a conference room. 

But there’s so much more to corporate team building activities than cliché games, awkward ice breakers or trips to the bar for happy hour. And when done well, they can lead to better collaboration, build trust and help managers figure out how to improve communication in the workplace

The most successful team building activities are the ones that provide a natural, laidback environment in which employees can work together toward a common objective, have open, honest dialogues or simply have a little fun together. 

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