Office Perks That Keep Employees Happy

Dogs as Perks at Work
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Dog-Friendly Office

Research links workplace pets to lower levels of stress. More than 60 million households are home to one of man’s (or woman’s) best friends, which means at least a few of your employees have one. If health or safety regulations get in the way, consider discounts to a local doggie day care instead.

Healthy Snack and Refreshment Perks at Work
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Healthy Snacks and Refreshments

Nutritious snacks and healthy hydration help employees stay focused on tasks at hand instead of thirst or hunger. Employers can save their staff’s time and money—and show a commitment to their wellbeing—by stocking up on waters from ReadyRefresh® and yummy snacks.

Summer Friday Perks at Work
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Summer Fridays

More than 40% of businesses now offer flex-time in the summer, and instances of this popular perk increased more than 20% in the last two years. If closing the office early isn’t an option, consider a rotating schedule in which employees can alternate Fridays off and cover for one another.

Power Nap Perks at Work
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Power Naps

A 20-30-minute power nap can improve mood, alertness and overall performance. With more and more nap pods and quiet rooms popping up in the workplace, businesses are starting to recognize the value of a brief afternoon respite. Resting is proven to increase productivity, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Good Coffee Perks at Work
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Good Coffee

For many, a strong, fresh cup of coffee is the only way to start the work day. Keep a variety of premium coffees in the kitchen to save employees more than $750 per year in daily expenses (!)

Standing Desk Perks at Work
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Standing Desks

Health risks associated with sedentary workplace behaviors cost the American economy billions of dollars in lost employee productivity every year. Standing—or convertible—desks keep people on their toes, literally and figuratively, by decreasing back, shoulder and neck pain, and burning an extra 54 calories every 6 hours than sitting (that’s 5.5 pounds per year!)

Spot Bonuses Perks at Work
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Spot Bonuses

Successful recognition programs increase the chance of better financial results by 80% and only account for about 1% of payroll costs, are a great way to reward employees. They’re not replacements for raises, promotions or profit-sharing, but should act as a recognition tool when someone’s truly gone above and beyond.

Motivational Games Perks at Work
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Motivational Games for Employees

The right team building games can boost morale, spark creativity and build stronger teams. Games like Office Bingo or an Office Scavenger Hunt lighten the mood and are incentives for completing work-related tasks. Your entire break room could become a game room, complete with ReadyRefresh® refreshments.


Knowing how to keep employees happy isn’t always easy—or cost-effective. But when you consider the low rates of employee engagement in America, it is important.

Luckily, not all employee motivation ideas are expensive or complicated. Sometimes simple perks at work can reap big (job satisfaction) rewards and sustain happy employees.

Perks vs. Benefits

Perks differ from benefits, which are considered non-wage compensation, in that they are not part of an overall compensation package. When we talk about perks, we’re talking about the little (and sometimes big) things employers do to keep employees happy and motivated. This includes everything from game rooms to free massages to refreshments and more.

As expected, compensation and benefits are always going to be among the top employee happiness factors, but extra perks at work make a big difference in the day to day.

Think Creatively for Happy Employees

Sometimes unique perks or benefits that reflect your individual workplace culture, services and mission (and don’t always cost a lot) show employees that you take their happiness seriously and have put real thought into your offerings.

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