Office Water: Which Beverages are Right For My Workplace?


Which Office Water is Right for My Workplace?

Get a tailored recommendation so everyone can stay happy and hydrated.

Question 1

My office employs more than 50 people

Question 2

I store beverages in an office-wide kitchen or breakroom

Question 3

The beverages my office supplies are primarily for customers or visitors

Question 4

We deplete our office water supply on a weekly basis

Question 5

Having a variety of hydration options is important

An Office Water Cooler

For larger offices, a water cooler is a convenient and space-saving option that’s easy for everyone to access. Choose weekly, monthly or bi-weekly delivery and include cups with your order to maximize the convenience.

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A Mix of Individual Spring or Purified Water and Sparkling Water Cases

Workplaces with fewer than 50 employees, or those that cater primarily to outside customers and visitors, will benefit from a variety of beverages in single-use sizes, so they’re easy to grab and go.

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Sparkling water, purified water, spring water? With the right mix, the choices you offer employees can satisfy everyone’s tastes. Take this quiz to see what beverages are right for your workplace. You’ll be satisfied knowing your team is happy and hydrated, and enjoy peace of mind that there will always be something on hand to offer visitors.

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