Wellness at Work: 6 Things You Can Have Delivered to Your Office

Smart-snacking choices
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Custom Snacks

Take the lead when it comes to guiding your employees to better-for-you eating habits. Outfit your kitchen or breakroom with smart snacks via office delivery. Lots of services offer wholesome options, or just place a weekly fresh produce order from the grocery store (most have delivery options!), and put out an enticing bowl out for all to enjoy.

Laundry Services
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Laundry Services

Sometimes everyday wellness can be just about looking and feeling good. But, during the week it can be a challenge to keep up with the wash. Luckily, many local dry cleaners offer office pick-up and office delivery. Designate a “laundry day” and have your team bring in the items from their wardrobe that need the extra TLC. 

Variety of Beverages
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Variety of Beverages

Water is always a crowd pleaser in bottles or a water cooler. But adding a few surprises to the mix really pushes this perk over the top. Beverage office delivery services like ReadyRefresh provide lots of options, like flavored sparkling waters, delicious coffees and more all in one place so you can personalize your office delivery.

Plants and Flowers
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Plants and Flowers

Displaying fresh plants and flowers throughout your office creates a bright, welcoming atmosphere. Some studies show that even simple exposure to nature can improve mood, reduce anxiety and enhance self-esteem. You can set up recurring office delivery with a bloom-specific service or contact your favorite local florist. Visitors and customers will appreciate them, too! 

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No matter your profession, everyone could use a little R&R. In-office massages are beneficial physically and mentally, by helping to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. Hire a service that specializes in corporate chair massage, or you might get a local masseuse to “float,” performing light shoulder massages while employees work. 

Rescue Dogs
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Rescue Dogs

Hear us out—engaging in some puppy some love is a great source of social support and stress reduction. So, by giving your employees a break to play—you might see increased performance, engagement and retention. Contact your local rescue shelters or research non-profits that are geared toward office delivery of rescue pups.


Lunch is just the beginning. 

Convenience is king when it comes to taking care of your staff and making the office into a true home away from home. Stocking your workplace with the right necessities and offering inventive perks can make a big difference in morale. Office delivery helps you get it done! 

In the age of online shopping, a midday coffee or copy machine paper delivered to your desk is an appealing prospect—especially since they’re easy to set up for automatic office delivery. But those are just the basics. 

Here are 6 out-of-the-box services and products you can get through office delivery to make your employees feel nurtured, appreciated and happy!

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