How to Improve Employee Morale

When less than 1/3 of American workers are engaged at work, it’s easy to see why employers are eager to learn how to improve morale in the workplace.

One of the best places for them to start: the breakroom

Think about it. The water cooler does so much more than dispense water—it’s been a known gathering place of co-workers for decades.

But in too many workplaces, the breakroom isn’t a great place to take a break at all. It’s a tiny space with old cafeteria-style tables and chairs, harsh lighting and very little personality. What if instead, the breakroom could be a cornerstone of office morale? A comfortable place for employees to collaborate, refresh and reset.

With the right tweaks, it can be. Try these ideas for transforming a lackluster breakroom into a place perfect for fun office activities to boost morale.

5 Simple Employee Appreciation Ideas to Boost Morale and Improve Your Breakroom

1. Update Your Breakroom Design

If your breakroom is still sporting dated plastic tables, it may be time to replace them with a variety of stylish seating options that offer both comfort and utility.

Adding simple touches like good lighting, plants, and personal touches from employees can go a long way in making your breakroom a welcoming place to be and contribute to staff morale.

2. Promote Healthful Choices

Sometimes improving workplace morale can be as simple as providing sustenance. Give employees better choices in the breakroom. Swap out traditional snack foods like chips, with more nutritious choices like fresh fruit and nuts. And replace sugary drinks with an assortment of bottled waters—still, sparkling and flavored—from ReadyRefresh.

3. Create A Space for Recognition

Employees who do not feel adequately recognized for their work are twice as likely to say they’ll leave in the next year. And it’s not just about rewards. Even verbal praise, which doesn’t cost a thing, can go a long way when it comes to office morale.

Luckily, employee recognition programs can be easy to execute in your breakroom. As a place where employees frequent, the breakroom is a great place to show employee appreciation. Place a bulletin board or screen in the breakroom dedicated to recognizing great work, goals and achievements.

4. Build A Beverage Bar

Make your breakroom a place for variety, creativity and refreshment by building a water and coffee bar with a little help from ReadyRefresh. Simply offer a variety of still and sparkling waters and a selection of coffees from, plus a few garnishes and nice glassware. Then, reap the benefits of your newly improved staff morale.

5. Introduce Motivational Games for Employees in The Breakroom

Use your break room as a place for fun office activities to boost morale. Since trivia nights are so popular at bars, how about a trivia event at your new water bar? Put together a “mocktail menu” featuring a variety of drinks made from flavored, sparkling waters and fresh fruits, and a list of trivia questions relevant to your industry.

Sometimes it’s small adjustments that make the biggest difference to workplace morale. Updating your breakroom is an easy way to show employee appreciation while giving them a welcoming and relaxing place to enjoy lunch, connect with colleagues, or grab a refreshment.

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