Water's Function in the Body

The average adult body is made up of around 60% water, and almost every major system in the body depends on it. Drinking enough water does more than just satisfy your thirst. Water keeps our bodies running efficiently.

But, what exactly does water do? What is water’s role in our body? Let’s take a closer look at what water does in your body to see some of the benefits of drinking enough water.

What is Water’s Role in the Body?

Here are some ways that water helps our bodies function every day. 

Water keeps tissues in our eyes, nose and mouth lubricated. 

Water acts as a cushion for our major internal organs. Adequate hydration also keeps joints moving smoothly.

Water helps carry oxygen and nutrients through the blood to our cells. It also carries waste out of the body (primarily through urine).

Regulates Temperature
When your internal temperature rises (due to a fever, prolonged exercise, or warm weather) water helps the body cool itself naturally through sweat. 

Aids in Digestion 
Water plays an important role in digestion. It’s a component of both saliva and gastric juice, helping to break down food. Water keeps food moving through the digestive tract. Along with fiber and exercise, drinking enough water also helps promote regularity.

Benefits of Drinking Enough Water For Kids

Water has an essential role in our body. From moisturizing to removing waste, adequate hydration helps our systems run efficiently. Kids need to stay hydrated and drink enough water just like adults. Learn more about why water is important for kids.

Water is a preferred source for daily hydration for kids and teens. In fact, research shows that when water is chosen in place of sugar-sweetened beverages it can:

  1. Help reduce intake of calories from added sugars in children
  2. Help reduce the risk of dental caries

What can you do? Offer water throughout the day—young children, especially, may need prompts to remember to drink. Help kids start hydrated and stay hydrated and model healthy hydration habits yourself!

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